We have a team of experienced technicians and design engineers. From raw materials usage through to design engineering on ultramodern 3D-CAD stations we are continuously working on developing our packaging solutions further.

Topics which are important to us

  • Shelf-life of the contents

  • Cost-effectiveness at the same time as customisation

  • Visual and tactile properties - to create or emphasise brand identity

  • Consumer friendly

Our cooperation with you

The following steps describe the typical process of packaging development at Etimex

Customer advice

  • Analysing your requirements and factors (contents, filling process, brand recognition)

  • Illustrating options (for all process options)

Development phases

  • 3D-Design proposals

  • Design engineering with efficient 3D-CAD-Software

  • Production of 3D-models or sample tools


  • Pilot series testing

  • We support you in the filling process for new packaging

  • Defining sealing parameters, setting autoclaves etc.

  • We guide you through the first series production on-site